Episode 1: An Unearthly Child

In the very first episode of Daleks Aren’t Robots!?, two Doctor Who fans force a pair of non-Whovians to watch the very first Doctor Who serial, “An Unearthly Child,” and talk about it. In the serial, the Doctor attempts a murder, teachers stalk their student and cavemen can’t make fire, but at least Daleks Aren’t Robots. And, as it turns out, sometimes the best option is to kill Ian. 

(Content Warning: Language, Opinions)

Theme: Garage – Monplaisir

Podcast Contents Include

Editor’s Note: The following are my original notes for the podcast, slightly edited for readability. My notes will get more complete in later installments of the pod, but it took me a bit to come up with a better organizational rubric. – Kari

Do not stalk your students!

  1. Ian is terrible. The Doctor and Ian are both arrogant but the show only knows that the Doctor is. At one point, Ian redeems himself by saying he’s the least important person in the group and deferring to the doctor as the leader. It’s a good character moment and rare for Ian.
  2. Susan is supposed to be 15, but looks 25. She’s super smart and fun and I love her.
  3. The Tardis sounds like a T-rex and that’s great.
  4. The theme song holds up as a great piece of music.
  5. The plot doesn’t actually make sense and there is way too much caveman politics. The caveman’s dad was killed because he made fire, but the person who makes fire is the leader?
  6. NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY. Also, what IS your marching order?
  7. The Doctor was totally gonna murder that caveman.
  8. The pacing here is awful. Episode 3 is totally unnecessary.

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