Sources: What Did People Think of Doctor Who in 1963?

Here’s an example of an article written before Doctor Who came out, detailing the setup and the people behind the show.
The reaction to JFK’s death led to the first episode of an Unearthly Child being aired again the following weekend.
A brief but interesting scientific-minded comment on the first episode of Doctor who, referencing an educational show hosted by Professor Hermann Bondi of E=mc2. ,
Here’s a rather amusing review from Variety where the writer messes up the relationship between Susan and the Doctor, referring to her as his daughter. This reviewer certainly does not seem impressed by the first episode.

A discussion of the very iconic Doctor Who theme and how it was made! Of course it would be decades before Delia Derbyshire would get the public acknowledgement she deserved for her work on the theme. It wouldn’t really get widespread attention till after her death in the early 2000s.! ,

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